Breathless (Connections)


Gather your thoughts in silence and let them become you and you them…

Be at peace as the heart pumps blood throughout… completing the circulatory system…

We live completely unaware that we are doing so… taking for granted the moments that make our lives worth the breath we lose in the eyes of another… so much so that at times we dead our waking moments to numb the pain of unforeseen futures where the happiness experienced is but a fragment in time…

Conjuring emotions and left without the love that is possible within those seconds that if allowed into the heart can evoke a lifetime of pleasure…

Should you lose your breath I will catch it and resuscitate with that of my own that I am willing to part with to become whole…

When I am alone with my thoughts I am far from you in the flesh but my heart knows better and connects in such a way that your presence is within me…

One thought on “Breathless (Connections)

  1. yes we are not aware because it does come so naturally, but you are so correct here we to realize the “breath so we do not because Breathless.

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