Transitions (Good Morning)

Let breath fall upon my skin during the part of night that is fighting to become day, as you maneuver gracefully in sleep to fit with precision into my tangled body…

Hear the ruffles of blankets that crush softly into the silence of the night and envision parachutes attached to my body as I come closer to being fully awake…

The room becomes filled with the fading light of jazz cafes closing for the morning and the last pours of spirits far from ending, I dig it…

The descent passes from fully awake to awareness as you dance through my embrace in small wiggles accompanied by nearly inaudible moans…

Driving me wild with passion I am your passenger… yet there we lay… still… our souls intertwined… to lay beside you is my favorite time of day…


3 thoughts on “Transitions (Good Morning)

  1. This is part of the morning most of never realize because we forget the waking is the best part so we tend to ignore the very feeling we should experience. The ultimate ah ha moment., so well written. And well felt.

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