Musing 3/10/14

So very often when I want to write I get distracted by things at home. What bills I have to pay, television, netflix series I “need” to catch up on etc… Which forces me to leave home and try to find somewhere to get work done. Usually I can find a cafe or library that gives me the peace that I require to do what I need to do, but sometimes the journey to get to those places robs me of my time to write and before I know it I have only sat down for maybe an hour and written for about 30 minutes before I have to go back home. But within that journey to getting where I want to be in order to write, I fall into the most amazing views and I want to stop and write them all down, but I have to keep moving. I can only imagine if I were sitting on a train and writing about all that I see and at the same time being able to work without borders of time… That would be the most amazing thing and would be totally new. I love to travel but have not had much time to… This would be a great gift.


One thought on “Musing 3/10/14

  1. stop if is important enough to think and want to act on it – then so it shall be, make it so- remember we as human beings are the real only thing in our own way sure we give other things the trump card but then that is only if you are willing to play that hand ,,, move out the way and let the sprite move You.

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