Brass Instruments

If I could play a brass instrument… I’d adjust my reed stretch my fingers take a deep breath and blow a warm metallic note bound for the root of the soul… yet all my lips allow me to do is speak of a love supreme…

and so I ask you to listen…

to unparalleled elements that will make this… acknowledgement… I saw you and recognized your presence in a room full of strangers from the deep pulse emanating from within you… the bass note of your heartbeat overwhelming all voices in the room… the feeling that you were being seen and not heard, but how little did you know… how little did I know that it was only myself that was meant to hear you… and I left knowing only that the only resolution would be to hear you again in revolutions per desire until a moment of evolution reciprocated the transmission of my notes to you…

just don’t check the no or maybe boxes… make my pursuance a melody… one as if sung by a siren breaking over the oceans surrounding your island where you feel alone and I am called to you and you to me and should we submerge deeper into what once stood between us… we are together and our psalm will be just this superlative text from my soul to yours…


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