Composition of a Mixtape


Sixty minutes…

Such a finite amount of time for what could be an infinite expression…

Composing the heart for a composition, stuck on beginning and finishing… How when the words that are to occur will not be those not of my own… He thought to himself… Can I allow fragments of my soul to be mapped out all over sung by another for none other than her

Just then composition became a confused manifestation of desire and a loss for words, so he played the blank cassette in search of them… the decay of what was once silence became filled by the soft brush of textured silence coming from the magnetic strip and the cadence of rushing bodies water the left him lost, but found in comfort…

He fell to the floor from the hypnotic wave of a whisper surging throughout the room. He was only out for about a half hour, the whisper still in the room he picked himself up only to stare directly at the tape deck. He looked closer and saw the wheels of the cassette still turning… He had just experienced so much joy without a single word being passed.

So he sent her the blank tape with a simple note that read… “listen to your heart…”


One thought on “Composition of a Mixtape

  1. Will never listen to another song without hearing the rhythm of my own sprit weaving in and around and mostly above all preceived auditables notes that comply with my heart. Very provoking thanks for the enlightenment

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