Phantom (Distance)

Never once has the shortest distance between two points taken me so far…

The expanded space of my heart once occupied by nothing more than the echoes of wishful thoughts that drew tears because they were nothing more… are no more…

So why is there the taste salt on my lips in this place you’ve brought me… in an effortless journey where my feet never once had to move to get where I am, where you lead me and no longer reside…

My voice could be used to ask you this very question but it is not meant for you to hear me… rather for you to look at me and see the question inside of me… peer into my eyes the exact same way that you have allowed me to do so to leave my home…

To see me is more than knowing that I am there…


One thought on “Phantom (Distance)

  1. Ever so clear is the path that you have taken to put pen to the paper, so mighty is the pen in your truest hand, keep it moving with ever scriptive thoughts for we need the free thinker unbound , So write on . Smile.

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