Point of Reference (Verisimilitude)

Mercury questions an ageless dilemma…

An escape that we seek often not only sits before us but also chooses to stare deeply back into our eyes and in the timespan of a blink, where we once were is not where we stand…

Dream lovers of our imaginations and prisoners of our fears… should we wield the courage to reach out and there be nothing but physicality to the touch, the grasp of peace that love offers eludes us and the pathway to the heart becomes a map of roads that don’t lead…

…Those roads… the numerous thoughts that have been walked upon but never really traveled, because where they go are quite a distance from home… a distance from ourselves where we have already found comfort alone… yet companionship is the yearn…

…and there is a darkness that bears the weight of the ocean surrounding us, our movements are slow within it and we can hear the hush of the approaching waves in the distance… hoping that they will wash over us as a sentence manages to part from our souls having no use for our lips…

We pose the universe… Is this real? Because our hearts no longer possess the strength to become unbroken.


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