Sideways (Dreamer)

I’ve been places, but don’t always necessarily understand the significance of all that surrounds upon arrival… and I’ve seen so many things….

Things that I long to return to see knowing that time is on my side but not always mine to give, but given to me at moments when my eyes are closed and what I wish to be before me is often clouded in darkness… even more so , I am alone…

It is during the presentation of this gift that leads me to wonder where you are in all of this… that I can wander such an expansive description of your very being just hoping to find you from uncharted moments in my life that crafted my heart so you’d be comfortable there…

The journey seems endless yet never useless… my feet and body do not fatigue because my spirit is compelled to see your face… and if failed to do so by the nights end, know that I drag my feet on purpose to leave you a map to find me in case you are doing the same…

Looking for me in a world only known to you, hoping for the day that the absence of you in a dream is crushed by the reality of you being only a foot away when I wake…


2 thoughts on “Sideways (Dreamer)

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