Wishes (The Waves)

There was once a woman that wanted nothing more than to share her life with her other half… she was fine on her own, but the element of love supreme was her most coveted passion that she kept close to her heart. One day while walking along the lake she stopped and took in the scenery… the beauty of it all took her breath away amd drew tears of happiness. As a tear rolled down her cheek she whispered to herself  ‘the man of my dreams should also enjoy this… I never met him but I miss him’ and the tear dropped into the still lake. The ripples resonated for a bit and then seemed to fade away… on the opposite side of the pond a man was standing at the shoreline throwing rocks into the lake… on the last throw his wrist watch flew off into the water

“Dammit!”  he said and he began to wade into the cool waters. He searched around and found his watch but noticed that the water had a stronger current then usual. Before he knew it he was swept up in the waves that were not there before. When he awoke he was greeted by the woman that secretly wished for the man she loved. He asked not where he was but only her name… when she replied he grabbed her hand and together they looked at all that was around them and then he whispered ‘this is where I’m meant to be’


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