Escape (Be Aware)

When my eyes close…

The hurt that surrounds me is no longer in sight and I am enshrouded in darkness… and it is there that I can hide away, but everyone can still see me…

I am adult, playing a child’s game of multidimensional peek-a-boo with the universe in which the visible world before me is no longer in sight… but the one inside of me composed of my memories and emotions remains…

This is where I am… all alone…

Won’t someone hear me scream?

For I have been here far too long in this darkness that I no longer have shape… I have no face… I am the sum of all that I have endured, triumphed, cried over, laughed about, hated and loved… and although here I possess no physical set of eyes… I can see all of these things set before me…

Running away is impossible because I am this world… and it is from all the experiences I have lived through that have given me this cosmos encased by my skin…. So why try and hide? Why try and leave?

This is my life… and I am thankful….


One thought on “Escape (Be Aware)

  1. You are right we all feel that way at times and then you open your eyes to a new dawning and fresh morning and we no longer wish to close our but only wish to see all that we feel and yet what still is possible to be.

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