The infinite depth of space and the fact that it is limitless draws me closer to you along with all possibilities that can be discovered should I decrease the distance…

So I reach out to touch you. My mind experiencing an explosion unlike anything I alone could imagine… … …

People speculate on how the world began and truly can’t comprehend the very nature of nature…. a bang that started something really beautiful and its primatily because seeing is believing…

I can see you… staring into your eyes and lost I can see you… the depth of your nebula and the spaces that were in your heart… the multitude of ways to love you… all in one touch… one look… how lucky am I to fit in each and every space…


One thought on “Beginning

  1. I hope this comment reaches you and i have click the right avenue to leave commit- your range and your depth is amazing i am just happy that i am present enough to absorbed and engage in such prolific writings.

    thank you for the experiences

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