The Brew

I had just purchased the Bitches Brew album by Miles Davis and decided to go for a walk while listening to soak it all in. I have listened to Miles before but up to this point had never heard this album, only reviews from critics and referrals from friends on it’s dynamic explorative sound. Even with that information in mind, I still had no idea what to expect when I hit play. I stood at my front door hesitating to press the play button, thinking to myself ‘What if I don’t like this? If all the here-say is just overhyped, I could ruin a good walk by taking a chance on something new.’ Knowing I have a bad habit of being a procrastinator, I shook off the negative thoughts, reached for the doorknob while pressing the play button simultaneously and stepped out the front door. I remember there being a slight chill in the air even though it was the month of June and the clouds in the sky foreboded an inevitable rain. I turned to go back inside to grab an umbrella when the first sound of Pharaoh’s Dance made its way to my ears and burrowed into my mind. It was a hi-hat, ticking through in a way that mocked time and sounding much like the movement of the minute hand on a watch… Only with more soul. Then looking down at my watch I realized there was no way I’d make it anywhere before the rain, so I walked down the stairs to my front porch, sat on the steps, listened and went everywhere.


One thought on “The Brew

  1. Yes that is what music does changes our one direction to a stream that flows into river so deep it drowns you and you need not come up for air for it is the music that you breath . Ahhhhhhhhh nice

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