The Silence


Intimate moments of silence sit between whispers of the soul when the body is at rest… when we close our eyes and try to clear our minds or think about the day, losing our presence in the night… missing the opportunity to catch fireflies and moonbeams… open your eyes and be my lover and I your dreamer… and see that yellow and blue make… yellow and blue make… yellow and blue make… something we share… a connection far from illusion… reaching out without a frog singing a song but if there were we’d both look and become lost in the sweet dissonance of twangs and a river running beneath us… how sweet life is when you taste it… search for a succulent to prick yourself awake hoping that the succulence of your experience never leaves your lips… that it never leaves your life… I could lose myself in the way you see me… so now as promised I will dream for you and write what I see…


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